Kylin Real Estate I L.P is established and registered as an English private fund limited with a view to facilitating Chinese investment into UK, EU and US through the purchase and development of commercial properties.

The Fund’s objective is to provide attractive, long-term investment returns to investors by creating a diversified international portfolio of commercial properties and/or multi-unit property in the prime locations across major cities. The Fund is seeking to raise £20 million from Investors with a term of five years. Where opportunities prevailing in the UK, EU and US real estate markets have a reasonable prospect of enhanced projected return, Kylin proposes to extend the investment period by up to two additional one year periods.

Fund Structure
Investment amount
Term of Investment
5 years
Investment Programme
Commercial Properties
Management Structure

Investment Process
    The portfolio manager conducts thorough research and due diligence for potential investment based on company’s investment strategy, engaging specialist third party advisers where necessary. The following key areas will be included in analysis reports drafted by portfolio manager:
  • Specific analysis of the markets where funds invest, including the trends, market information, asset value growth.
  • Detailed analysis of the technical aspects of the asset, leveraging the team’s hands-on operational experience.
  • Financial analysis of projected cash flows, likely capital expenditure (CAPEX) and potential returns.
Investment Process Structure Chart

The Investment Committee is actively involved in the collation and analysis of economic and market information. The committee couples portfolio manager’s analysis with its proprietary data and market insight to underwrite all key investment initiatives. The Risk Management Committee shall evaluate potential risks and conduct stress test of each project. The Board of Partners of the Fund is responsible for making final decisions based on both investment and risk assessment reports.

  • Stable cash flow and appreciation of investment value through our targeted investment assets (commercial property).
  • Diversify your portfolio globally.
  • UK,EU and US are favoured investment destinations with well-established regulatory frameworks, mature market and access to stable returns.
  • Steady growth in UK, EU and US real estate market.
  • Prime location in major cities.