Kylin Global Investment Fund LP is an alternative investment fund, investing primarily in SMEs with enterprises intended to be incorporated mainly in the UK, EU and/or USA.

The Fund’s objective is to provide attractive, long-term investment returns to investors by creating a diversified international portfolio of commercial properties and/or multi-unit property in the prime locations across major cities. The Fund is seeking to raise £20 million from Investors with a commitment between five and ten years. Where opportunities prevailing in the UK, EU and US real estate markets have a reasonable prospect of enhanced projected return, Kylin proposes to extend the investment period by up to two additional one year periods.

Investment Objective
    The Fund's investment objective is to provide attractive long-term investment returns to investors by:
  • Investing in unquoted Equity and/or unquoted Debt, primarily in SMEs, these enterprises intended to be incorporated mainly in the UK, EU and/or USA with some diversification into emerging or developing markets. Other potential investments include the Hospitality and Hotel Management, Leisure, Agriculture and Forestry, Private Education and Biological/Biotech sectors.
  • Creating an international portfolio of Real Estate Investments intended to be located mainly in the UK, EU and/or USA with some diversification into emerging or developing markets.
  • Holding positions in Other Non-Financial Assets, such as cash and cash equivalents, currencies, commodities, derivative instruments and other financial contracts.

Management Structure
Investment Strategy and Process

The Fund will aim to invest primarily in SME’s considered to have high growth and expansion potential, upon start-up or in the early phases of the development of their activities and whose business plan is deemed attractive by the Manager. The Fund will have a flexible investment strategy, preferably obtaining an absolute majority of shares in issue upon making an Equity investment. The strategy will be primarily "buy and hold".

The properties the Manager proposes to target for the Fund, are likely to have a value of less than £5m upon acquisition and, in the view of the Manager, will have the potential to increase in value over the term of the Fund. One potential investment strategy of the Fund regarding real estate would be to enhance and improve the occupancy of the properties acquired through an association with specialist companies which are seeking to expand their business interests in the relevant area.

It is intended that by the end of the Investment Period, SME Investments will make up the majority of the Fund.

Investment Process Structure Chart

The Investment Committee is actively involved in the collation and analysis of economic and market information. The committee pairs the portfolio manager’s analysis, with its proprietary data and market insight to underwrite all key investment initiatives. The Risk Management Committee shall evaluate potential risks and conduct stress test of each project.

Fund Structure
Investment amount
Investors minimum
Investments in unquoted
Equity/Debt with high growth
and expansion potentials

SMEs incorporated in

The Partnership is seeking investment of £20m in aggregate and is inviting Investors to each commit a minimum Commitment of £500,000 with additional sums in multiples of £50,000.

  • Delivering Access - providing access to good quality investments;
  • Sourcing “Off Market” investments - actively seeking “Off Market” opportunities;
  • Adding Value - pursuing added value investment opportunities based around strategic enhancement;
  • Capital Appreciation - Aim of increasing capital value whilst aiming to provide an attractive yield.